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Hello, world!

Posted by Brian on November 30, 2007

Even though I already have a blog on MySpace, it is time to start another.  My main motivation for a new blog is that I want to post blog entries that contain a bit of source code, and I want to be able to control the formatting and end up having it look decent.  I was looking around for good tools there, and I see that Windows Live Writer might be a decent tool for creating and editing blog entries, so I am trying it out.

The real test, of course, is how well code snippets turn out.  I found a plug-in for code snippets, so let’s try it.

static P<char> Digit = Sat(char.IsDigit).Tag("digit"); static P<int> DigitVal = Digit.Then(c => Parser.Return((int)c - '0')); static P<int> Nat = DigitVal.Tag("").Chainl1(Parser.Return<A_A_A<int>>((x, y) => 10 * x + y))
.Tag("natural number");

Ok, seems decent.  I think I will give this a shot.

As for what I will blog about first… well, the snippet above is a little suggestive, but for now I will just say that I have been playing around with the new C# features in VS 2008, and I want to demonstrate their applicability to some stuff I enjoy.  More soon!

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