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Sneak peeks into the F# project system, part two

Posted by Brian on July 26, 2008

One commonly requested feature that’s missing from the research releases of F# is the "Add Reference" dialog. 

The upcoming CTP release will support the ‘Add Reference’ dialog:


which makes it easy to select the assemblies you’re looking for:


The other main feature here is project-to-project references.  This makes it easy to create a Visual Studio solution containing code from multiple languages.  So, for example, if you have a C# library as another project:


and you want to reference it from your F# code, you can just add a reference:


to the project:


and you’re good to go:


so you can reference the code in the library:



2 Responses to “Sneak peeks into the F# project system, part two”

  1. Unknown said

    Hello Brian,I noticed in VS2010 Beta 2 that the Add Reference dialog doesn\’t have a Recent tab as it does for other languages. Is this by design? It\’s a useful feature and it would be cool to have it back…

  2. Brian said

    Yes, this feature can be useful. Unfortunately it will not make it into the VS2010 release. Hopefully a future release will have it.

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