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Improvements to F# data visualization in the Visual Studio debugger

Posted by Brian on May 20, 2009

One of the improvements in the latest release of F# involves the way that F# data types appear inside the Visual Studio debugger.  For example, here’s a screenshot from F# (the old version) that shows how that version displayed F# data types like lists and discriminated unions:


Can you interpret the information in the "Locals" window?  Yikes.  Clearly there were improvements to be made.

Well, now that I have just installed F# (the new version) on my box, here’s what I see:


What a difference!  Now it’s easy to see the values in the list and discriminated union.

(Eagle-eyed readers may also notice the absence of #light in the second screenshot – #light is now the default.  For more details of changes, see the release notes.)

This blog entry highlights just one of many improvements in the latest release of F#.  I hope to find the time to write about more new features and improvements in the coming days and weeks… in the meantime, I hope you download the new bits and enjoy!


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