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More F# screencasts

Posted by Brian on May 10, 2010

My previous two screencasts (‘Getting started with F# in VS2010’ and ‘Editing F# source code in VS2010’) have been moved to MSDN (click here), which means they’re now available in a variety of video formats.  A new screencast (‘Managing F# projects in VS2010’) has also been added (direct link), so check it out!  I also hope to do a screencast about using the Visual Studio debugger with F#.  (In the meantime, check out the Visual Studio Tips blog, which has a number of recent tips about breakpoints that are relevant to debugging.)  There’s even an older F# video by former Microsoftie and current Googler Chris Smith linked on the F# videos page – ah nostalgia!

(In addition to the other videos linked from the F# Dev Center, you can also find more videos on F#, like Tomas’ webcast series, or Andre’s videos, or F# for Visualization, or a number of other F# videos you may find via a web search.  I’m glad to see so many people producing F# content!)

What other F# screencast topics would you like to see?  (I’ve been focused on VS2010 UI features that lend themselves to screencasts, as opposed to language features that can be adequately covered by blogging prose, but I am not completely opposed to other ideas.)


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