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VS2010 Pro Power Tools extension available

Posted by Brian on June 24, 2010

One of the great new features of VS2010 is the Extension Manager, which makes it very easy to download and install extensions to Visual Studio.  The new Pro Power Tools extension released by Microsoft is an extension I highly recommend you try out.  I’ve created a screencast that demos some features of the extension.  Below are a couple screenshots of a couple of my favorite features.  To install the extension, inside VS just go to “Tools\Extension Manager”, click “Online Gallery”, and type “pro power tools” in the search box, and grab this:


My favorite features:


Column Guides or Guidelines:

Guidelines are vertical rules that run across the editor background; they are especially useful to provide a subtle visual cue about indentation levels in a whitespace-significant language like F#.  I’ve drawn on the screenshot to highlight one of the guidelines:



New ‘Add Reference’ dialog:

Pops up fast and is more pleasant (less frustrating) to use, IMO:


(I should note that a bug in the F# project system may prevent adding certain COM references to F# projects via this dialog.  If you encounter this bug, you can work around it by going to Extension Manager, disabling the ‘Pro Power Tools’ extension, adding the reference you need, and then re-enabling the extension.)


There are lots of other great features in this extension, you can read the summary on the description page of the Visual Studio Gallery.


See also Kirill’s blog, Jason’s blog, and Radames blog, as well as the Visual Studio blog for a articles about the Add Reference dialog, and a couple about the Document Well.

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