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F# web snippets, Mandelbrot, and great things to come…

Posted by Brian on October 17, 2010

Tomas recently posted a terrific new tool called F# Web Snippets.  You can read a bit on his blog, but you can get an immediate feel by reading a clone of this blog entry I’ve hosted elsewhere (on a site where I can host Javascript code).  So click the previous link and check it out.  Here is the code without the nice web-snippet adornments:

open System
open System.Numerics

let maxIteration = 100

let modSquared (c : Complex) = c.Real * c.Real + c.Imaginary * c.Imaginary

type MandelbrotResult = 
    | DidNotEscape
    | Escaped of int
let mandelbrot c =
    let rec mandelbrotInner z iterations =
        if(modSquared z >= 4.0) 
            then Escaped iterations
        elif iterations = maxIteration
            then DidNotEscape
        else mandelbrotInner ((z * z) + c) (iterations + 1)
    mandelbrotInner c 0

let chars = " .:-;!/>)|&IH%*#"

for y in [-1.2..0.05..1.2] do
    for x in [-2.0..0.025..0.9] do
        match mandelbrot(Complex(x, y)) with
        | DidNotEscape -> Console.Write " "
        | Escaped i -> Console.Write chars.[i &&& 15]

The Javascript-ful site, in addition to just nicely colorizing the F# code as above, also provides hover tooltips in your browser, much like you’d get from Visual Studio.  On the cloned blog entry you can hover over the identifier “maxIteration” and see that it is an “int”, for example.  It’s very cool.

(By the way, yes, the Mandelbrot code I stole mercilessly from Luke’s recent timely blog.)

Anyway, Tomas’ tool is so cool I had to immediately try it out in a blog post before I went to sleep tonight.  Here’s the output of the program, by the way:


With PDC coming soon, one imagines there may be other exciting F#-related announcements coming soon as well!


One Response to “F# web snippets, Mandelbrot, and great things to come…”

  1. Hi Brian, thanks for a nice demonstration!

    It is a shame that it isn’t possible to embed JavaScript in blog posts here. I’m wondering if there is some way to workaround that… I could probably try generating usual tool tips using the “title” HTML attribute, but I’m not quite sure how would the browser deal with that. If you had any other idea how to do this, let me know!

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