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Visual F# 3.0 Beta

Posted by Brian on February 29, 2012

The Beta of Visual Studio 11 was published today, which includes the Beta of F# 3.0.  See today’s F# blog for the high-level details.

I’ll hopefully end my blog-drought with a few posts in the coming weeks covering some details about some of the new language features in F# 3.0 and IDE features in VS11.  In the meantime, I’d encourage you to grab the bits and try out F# in VS11 Beta!

Happy F# programming!


One Response to “Visual F# 3.0 Beta”

  1. Don Syme said

    Please do blog more, we’ve missed you!

    You’ve worked so hard on F# 3.0, it’s been an incredible pleasure and honour to work on F# 3.0 with you and the team!


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